Episode 59 - Leave Your Morality At The Door

Jam packed episode!   Modern day morality and ideals are great things.  They've moved history forward, righted wrongs, solved many problems, but what happens when players try to bring that into a game world and setting that doesn't have that same set of values?  If someone isn't able to seperate enough of their world view from that of their characters, things can get tricky.  Everything from murder, to racism, slavery, and more this this extra long episode!

Plus, special guest from Limit Break Radio Kallo Landis about their upcoming FF14 Fanfest community after party on Nov 16 in Las Vegas Limitbreakradio.com for details.

Plus plus, Smiling Sorcerer as we reveal our new Drama Llama designs and want to hear from you on which one you like the most.  Visit RPMMOradio.com to vote until the next episode!

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