Episode 50 - Lets Not Talk Politics

Our 50th episode.  We really didn't think this little experiment in podcasting would go this long. It's been a great deal of fun, we've met AMAZING people and listeners alike over the last 50 episodes.  We just want to entertain and inform and you have thankfully allowed us to do that with your time.  We hope to continue for another 50 episodes and more.

So the title is a lie, we totally talk politics.  Probably, not how you would think though.  There's a long standing rule in every guild, DO. NOT. TALK. POLITICS.  Often for a very good reason.  Let's talk about that reason.  It's not a talk about left and right or tribes or sides, lets talk about people.   

We also begin our own campaigns with characters form across the MMO Multiverse and beyond as they begin to via for your vote in months to come for Presidential Overlord of the MMO Multiverse!  You listen to the campaigns and you choose yourself in the end!

Lastly, thank you to everyone of our patreon donor and listeners.  We wouldn't be here with out you.

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