Episode 68 - What's In A Name?

Your name says a lot about you.  Firstly, what to call you outside of the usual four letter words that come to mine, but after that, it's the first thing other RPers judge you on.  Naming yourself after modern pop culture items Vs being original and not a brainless automaton.   The RPr crew covers these issues and more. Plus, the voting results for MMO Multiverse President!

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Episode 66 - Execute Episode 66, Halloween Special 2

It's the times of year again!  When it's okay to take candy from strangers and walk up to people you don't know!  Also, time to sit back, turn down the lights, and listen to your favorite (And Ashen) hosts read some scary stories!   So gather 'round the campfire and we'll spin you a tale or two.   After, we'll see if you can actually make a scary character for RP or not.

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Episode 65 - Let's Take It From The Top

We've had several new listeners and new RPers ask about how to get started in roleplay.  So we figured we'd back track a bit and go at this begining into a larger world from the start.  Choosing your game, what you want to be, what to avoid right off the bat, and getting your feet wet. 

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