Episode 26 - If I Were Eternal

Immortality in RP?  What if it was like that in real life?  What would you differently, how would that weigh on your mind and your choices?  What kinds of things should you think of if you are doing an long lived character?  Let's find out!

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Episode 26 Clickie

Episode 25 - Allow Myself To Reintroduce, Myself

We're back bitches!  Happy New year and all that crap.  RPMMOradio returns with a new sound, new idea's, and not one, but TWO new hosts. Kishmas and Strafae.  Just who are these two mysterious masked men?  Let's find out what they'll bring to the show.  We also talk about WHO deciding Gamer Addiction is a real thing.  As well as introducing Patreon.com/RPMMOradio

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Years End

Well, we've wrapped up our first year of the podcast. It's been a hell of a journey and we've learned a lot when it comes to broadcasting, both in the performance part as well as the technical side. It's been so cool to have everyone along for the ride and we're looking forward to next year with all the added knowledge we've learned.


We're also proud to announce to new hosts, Kishmas and Strafae starting next year. This will make sure we always have plenty of people around to help bring you entertainment and RP knowledge each week. That's right, each week, since we'll be starting to take the podcast weekly beginning next year!


So, from us at RPMMOradio, thank you for listening, thank you for following, and we look forward to next year!