Episode 33 - Gender Bender

Why do people play the opposite gender from themselves?   How can you do it and do it well and how can it be done poorly?  Are stereotypes really in stereo?  We answer that and more!

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Episode 32 - Darker Than Really Dark

Let's go into the deep dark world of dark RP.  What draws people to the darker aspects of human natures.  Tortures, blood and gore, slavery, tragedy in their RP? Along with callers, who are always welcome on the live show at RPMMOradio.com/Discord every Saturday at 7 CST at twitch.tv/RPMMOradio

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Also, a special guest!  Our first REAL troll on the show!  We're finally a real podcast now that we've been trolled by a racist moron!  

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Episode 31 - Cash Me Out

Loot crates, cash shops, the government, and you.  It's no secret as RPers we always want to look great, live great, and have the greatest.  With more and more of this behind RL paywalls, how does that look as we move to the future.  What can it mean to both the industry and our pocket books? 

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Episode 29 - I, Roleplay

Let's talk to people about what it is you do in roleplay or even what it is.  Talking to family and friends about it can often be confusing, frustrating, and often funny.  Just how do you tell people about a hobby that not everyone even understands is a thing, let alone in a game?  We'll share our stories along with caller David R. Haley.

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