Ashen Phoenix

Gaming since a wee lad on an Atari 2600 and NES.  Fast forward to my first MMO, Everquest while the first MMO I RP'd in was Star Wars Galaxies.  I love the story of games and those of RPers.  It's all about the experience of meeting new people and what they've made.  Somethings work, somethings don't but the fact that people put themselves out there is always worth some respect... unless you're a half vampire, half dragon, halfling, from the future sent back by Dr. Who to stop George Washington from getting the One Ring... Then you're just a jackass.



When I was a kid my family and I lived out in the country. My brother, cousins, and I would run all over playing numerous make-believe adventure games. Knights, we could slay any dragon. Adventurers, there wasn’t a treasure we couldn’t find. So on and so on. Till eight years ago I never imagined that there were games online that you could roleplay in, my boyfriend then, now husband, Ashen introduced me to a world that gave me back a place I could be all those things that I loved so much as a kid. He introduced me to Everquest 2 and from there he has taken me on many adventures through a whole list of games. From Wizard’s World, it was a blast, and we got to play it with our kids. Then to Aion, Rift, SWTOR, and many others. Right now I am enjoying playing in ESP, so this me in a small nutshell. 



I have been role-playing in one form or another since I was about 5. I started in Theater and Improv Theater, and then moved to D&D, LARP and SCA. I started playing MMOs in 2005, in a game called Everquest 2. Due to the lack of dark RP guilds, I started my own and ran that guild from 2005 up to current time, and continue to do so. I have always been an RPer and my enjoyment of games on an OOC level did not happen for several years. I realized I was a full-on gamer around 2008. I have been ever since.



Long time roleplayer from the days of Star Wars Galaxies. At first a troll and PKer of RPers, he slowly saw the evil of his ways and turned to the dork side. Having experience over multiple games and a visual designer. He’s seen and been through the best and worst RP has to offer.


The youngest host of the group. He has a lot of experience for his short time in RP and brings in fresh perspectives from the newer RPers out there in his own, uniquely colorful way.






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