Tarvala Sul'Morin Journal Entry 6

Hey Mr. Journal,

It’s been awhile but so much has happened! First… I’M AN ORDINATOR OF WAR! I was risen alongside my Trial partner Siyo. It was great. My heart still swells near to bursting when I think of and put on that golden armor. I spend about half an hour every day cleaning and polishing it. It’s almost routine now but I find it relaxing and it lets my mind unwind.

So, how did I get there? You always know what questions to ask Mr. Journal, it’s almost as if you’re told what to say. Wish it was that easy with everyone. Heh.

When last I spoke I told you of that “Beastmaster” of a Lord, Relur the traitor and his cat love the resistance leader of the slave rebellion Ri’kaan. They were caught under the bridge blaspheming basically everything holy and just and taken into custody with an impending attack and escape.

We had about a week. Gathering intel, letting them sweat it out in the cells below the city’s main manor. His own house cells, which has a poetic irony to it in my mind. They finally got to live together in his own house, separated only by fifteen feet and matching pairs of iron shackles. Which is all the sweeter that she’s the one that killed him, but that’s getting ahead of myself.

Siyo and I went down the dungeon, it was pretty much what you expect. Smells of musky dirt, damp stone walls, and dank despair. Also urine… they always smell faintly of urine. Part of the interrogation process to “dehumanize” them in their own minds, weaken their resolve, but it’s still something we have to pretend we don’t smell. Seeing the dunmer lord there penned up with his lady love just across the way. I got a sort of idea.

Giving Siyo a slight nod and lift of my head he returned it, understanding the small exchange and moving to the khajiit while I took Relur, knowing both would hear what I had to say. I pulled out a folded up parchment with a red imprinted wax seal. He looked defiantly up at me, red hatred in his eyes and just a bit of fear.

“Greetings Relur. I have questions for you.” My voice was calm and controlled, I was in my armor, an Ordinator. I don’t doubt myself, none of the self loathing, and second guessing as an Ordinator. You have a plan, a goal, a mission… You get it done.

He snarled and scoffed, “I’m not going to tell you anything!” His voice said one thing, his eyes however, followed the parchment, saying another.

“That will be a shame. See, you are not alone in your act of defilement, Relur. What I have here, is an order from the Tribunal in Vivec city. You are to be stripped of your holdings and house. Your act was so heinous that as of this moment up stairs, your lordling younger brother is being placed under arrest. He will be put to death along with you and your house will go the way of that which we no longer name.”

“NO! You leave him alone! He knew nothing! He’s just a boy! YOU MONSTER!” Spittle flew from his lips. Funny how I remember that. I could see them almost as if time had slowed down as they arced out through the air, landing in little dark droplets upon the stone floor.

“Now, now…. I’ll make you a deal. You tell me what I want to know, and your brother, will live. He may not have the life he is used to, likely he’ll be sent to serve at a Temple somewhere, but he’ll be fed, taken care of and work to undo your stain but, he’ll do it alive. All you have to do, is betray your lady love there and her people… not your people, Relur, but hers, and your brother lives. Which shall it be?”

His head was bowed low now, shoulders slumped and shaking. Looking to Ri’kaan he said, “I’m sorry….” She went wild. Like the feral cat she was. Pulling against her chains and cursing him to her peoples gods. Tears spilling into her matted fur and blood pooling around her restraints, so hard did she struggle to get hold of him.

He told us everything we wanted to know. His soul was defeated, his mind broken. Or, so he thought. As we were nearly to leave, Siyo had interrogated Ri’kaan and she basically confirmed everything Relur had told us by not answering. I paused as if I had just remembered something, taking out the slip of paper and handing it to Ri’kaan. “One last thing… please read this “writ” for me, out loud.”

Snatching it, she glared, clearly having no intention of doing so. Curiosity, however, is a hard instinct in cats to overcome. Popping the wax she read quietly at the first few words then slowly grew in volume, “ …. Eggs, bread… CHEESE, CARROTS, GUAR STEAK!?”

“That is correct, he sold you and your three hundred escaped slaves… for my grocery list,” I informed her. “Now that we have what we need… I see no reason not to reunite you and your love now. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Siyo lead Relur into the cage, pushing him forward and right into her arms. She wrapped her arms around him tightly. Claws dug in like daggers causing red blossoms to flower as they pierced tunic and skin. Sharp needle teeth pulled back from lips that once kissed him oh so tenderly, now dug into the flesh where his neck met his shoulder. A showering crimson spray flew from his main artery as she tore a fleshy wad of skin and muscle away.

She ravaged him one last time. Shouting and spitting like a lunatic, her mind seemed little more than the base animal from which she originated from. Siyo, likely a mercy he’d not meant to give, put her out of her misery with a blast of fire. No survivors was the order after all. It was just up to us on how to carry it out.

Do I feel any regrets? No.. oddly. You’d think I would, at least for Relur, he was a Dunmer after all but I was in my armor, my shell. This case was so clearly an abomination in the eyes of everything sacred and good, I actually slept like a stone that night. Of course, part of that was likely do to the battle that followed. Fifty-two ordinators of war, led by Siyo and myself, against nearly three hundred desperate slaves, two hundred of which were once trained dominion soldiers. All now moving towards the wall and the safety beyond. As it turned out, the attack on the town was not to happen, instead the entire force would move to the wall. In what is now known as the Battle at Bodrum’s Wall.

I think that’s enough for now though, I’ll tell the rest of the tale of our Mastery Trial next time, Mr. Journal. Besides, my wrist is starting to hurt again. I got thumped in a spar earlier, learn to dodge or block, Tarvala.

Until then, Three keep you safe!