Episode 62 - New Kid On The Block

Being the newbie in a guild can be rough.   There's a few things you can do to help make that transition smoother, research, patience, listening to this podcast, and also a few others that we'll go over.  That along with several callers and a show that's surprisingly on time for a change! 

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Episode 61 - Let's Meet Up

"I think it's time we should meet."  After you know someone online and in roleplay long enough, that could very well be what you hear or say.  So, how does someone go about meeting an online friend in the real world?  There's no denying that meeting someone for real is a far cry different than typing or even talking to someone online.   It can be both a greatly exciting and very scary ordeal.   The RPr crew talks about who they've met and what precautions they, and you, should take.  As well as the dangers of online strangers.   Join us!

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Episode 59 - Leave Your Morality At The Door

Jam packed episode!   Modern day morality and ideals are great things.  They've moved history forward, righted wrongs, solved many problems, but what happens when players try to bring that into a game world and setting that doesn't have that same set of values?  If someone isn't able to seperate enough of their world view from that of their characters, things can get tricky.  Everything from murder, to racism, slavery, and more this this extra long episode!

Plus, special guest from Limit Break Radio Kallo Landis about their upcoming FF14 Fanfest community after party on Nov 16 in Las Vegas Limitbreakradio.com for details.

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Episode 58 - Relationships, The End-All Be-All, It Is Not

Ah, relationships.  Love is in the air as people go about trying to gather the courage to ask someone to go steady.  Or, you just get a random message from some dude you've never met asking, "You're character is so pretty, you wanna be in a relationship?"  Yeah, don't be that guy or gal.   Relationship RP can be great but there are a lot of ways it can go from great to horrifying and very quickly.   What makes relationship RP so sought after and why do so many do it?

Also, our own small tribute to those that were injured and lost their lives in Jacksonville.  So that we may never forget.

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