Episode 43 - Epic In Scale

Not just events or guild RP, but MASSIVE interguild, multiplayer run events.  Epic scale events that are few and far between for a variety of reasons. More people, means more thought and effort along with many other things we'll help you navigate. Topic submitted by listener TheGr8Whoopdini! Have something you'd like to hear us talk on, let us know! 

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Episode 42 - Life, The Universe, And Everything

Spirituality in RP is something that exists across all games.  How does one dicide to play a religions or spiritual character IC.  How does your real world views effect your IC views and vise versa?   We talk about this with special guest TheHumanFloyd!

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Episode 41 - Flags On The Field

Meeting new people is exciting, interesting, and a bit... creepy?   Well, it can be.  There's a few things that might send up a red flag, a warning, that perhaps they are a chicken nugget shy of a ten pack.  Also, some crazy warning stories from listening Yunfei who called in!  Just like you can at RPMMOradio.com/Discord Every Saturday 7CST at Twitch.tv/RPMMOradio

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Episode 40 - It's Not The Years, It's The Mileage

Maturing a character takes a few things.  Time, patience, and the willingness to take advantage of situations in RP as they come up to evolve your character.   That along a few callers, will give you answers!   A quick note on what is going on with Daybreak Games, owners of the EQ franchise, DCUO, Planet Side 2, and H1Z1. 

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Episode 40 Delay

Well, we didn't get to do episode 40 this weekend.  We had a random power outage at Ashen and Sibh's house which is where we run/stream/record the show from.  We do try to keep the show weekly but there are just somethings beyond our control.  We'll pick it up next week at 7 CST, Saturday at twitch.tv/RPMMOradio and you can always join us on Discord at RPMMOradio.com/Discord!  See you soon!