Epside 19 Is Up!

Episode 19 - RP on RL us up for download! Hour longest episode so far but likely what we may be shooting for with the addition of live calls every episode. We discussed the "WoW Rape Tavern" at length as well as the many ways RP has helped people in the real world.


We also discussed Ragneir Mejere, a RPer in ESO who lost everything in an unfortunate house fire. Suffering burns as he got his family out and having only the clothes on his back and what wasn't destroyed in the fire. Anyone that would like to donate money to help him get on his feet, you can do so with PayPal at his email, foxfang6@yahoo.com



Episode 19 Live 10/14

Episode 19 will be live 10/14 at 7CST at twitch.tv/RPMMOradioWant to call in, join us on Discord at RPMMOradio.com/Discord and go to the general voice channel and let us know what you want to talk about under Live Calls

We'll be discussing how roleplay affects you in your real world life.  Emotionally, physically, does it make us happy, or angry, upset?   Yeah, we know, IC and OOC is different but emotional connections with characters and people are real, even digitally.  Plus a sneak peek at our Halloween Special and much more!

Episode 18 - Original Origins

Probably no one more surprised than us, but our first show that allowed for call ins from the audience over our Discord channel went amazingly well. Honestly, I hadn't expected but maybe one, two would be amazing, but we had five and got to hear from you on how you came up with characters you RP with.

We got to maybe 1/5th of our show prep and that is fantastic. We'd much rather hear from you and that material will always be around for later. Thank you everyone that called in, everyone that listened live, and everyone that listens later on the podcast.

On behalf of the RPr crew, you all rock. Also, link below to the latest episode, 18 - Original Origins.


Episode 9 - Conflicting Conflicts Saturday 5/27 at 7PM CST

Haven't written and update here so, here is one.  We're continuing on and still having a blast.  More and more listeners each episode... I'm pretty sure, some of the numbers are harder to find.  Annnnnyway, we appreciate everyone that gives some of their valuable time to listen to your show on a hobby you hopefully enjoy as much as we do.

We have some special cross promotional stuff coming up with another RP site, RPHQ.comWe look forward to sharing more info in the future!

Ashen Phoenix

Episode 05 - +5 To Trolling

So we're no five whole episodes into this experiment and having a great deal of fun doing it.  Took us a bit to get our footing but it feels smoother every time.  Hopefully you are enjoying the content and the discussions.   If so, let other RPers know about us and have them give a listen and subscribe.  We want this thing to be interactive, just as roleplay is, so any comments or questions we'll happily take, even the unflattering ones.

Ashen Phoenix