Episode 40 Delay

Well, we didn't get to do episode 40 this weekend.  We had a random power outage at Ashen and Sibh's house which is where we run/stream/record the show from.  We do try to keep the show weekly but there are just somethings beyond our control.  We'll pick it up next week at 7 CST, Saturday at twitch.tv/RPMMOradio and you can always join us on Discord at RPMMOradio.com/Discord!  See you soon!

Episode 39 - Time Dilation

The flow of time in RP changes game to game and even group to group.  Somethings you can pass by more quickly, while others, you really just end up cheating yourself out of character development.  So when should we skip forward and how fast and what does ingame time pass like and how does it effect RP?

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Episode 38 - RP Creators Vs RP Consumers

So what is the difference between someone that creates RP and consumes it?  Does the world need both, is everyone a little of each?  We'll go Ayn Rand on this and find out!   Also, callers!  Which we always welcome and you too can be at twitch.tv/RPMMOradio every Saturday at 7 CST and by joining us at RPMMOradio.com/Discord!

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Episode 37 - Das Lore Nazi, “Ich weiß alles”

Lore Nazis are the little death that can take a fun idea or event and bog it down in the minutiae of lore.  Using it like a club to smack all their lessors with their superior knowledge.  Knowing more than others should be something to be shared to help others grow in understanding and character, right?

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Episode 36 - 11 Ways To RP, #7 Will Shock You!

No, #7 will not shock you anymore than the other 10 will, but it's still a good one.  One of us is sick, one is camping, and one had to work late, so for that we are going over a list of 11 ways to be a better roleplayer.   While it was meant for table top RP, this list holds true for all RP.  We'll read through the highlights and go over each piece.   You can read it yourself at http://lookrobot.co.uk/2013/06/20/11-ways-to-be-a-better-roleplayer/

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